• Cris Beachy says:

    As usual…… I love listening to u all!!Pray u r all enjoying a wonderful fall… I was hoping to hear u in Ak. This Christmas when I return.. But looks like dates aren’t coinciding but I see u r to be here in Fl. In Feb at Inverness . Would love to come listen & c u all.. Pray that The Lord is blessing each of u & your families. Hugs & Prayers… Cris Beachy ( from Homer ,Ak & Port Charlotte ,Fl.)

  • Jack Neild says:

    Guys !!!!! Awesome videos. Thanks for sending the link. Looking forward to seeing you again sometime. Love and prayers. Jack and Kathy, Va Beach.

  • Damona Jackson says:

    You were at Fincastle Baptist Church today….I absolutely loved your way of doing these Praise and worship songs..i had to hurry up and find you on youtube…thank you for sharing your amazing gift with us!!!! I will keep you in prayers as you make your travels! I will like to purchase your cd as well!

  • Doug Dawson says:

    You led us in worship at First Baptist Church, Frederick, MD, on April 23, 2017. A truly wonderful experience! Thank you for coming!

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